Gaur Platinum Towers Luxury Apartments Sector 79 Noida


Gaur Platinum towers are one of the most iconic towers that offers 4 BHK and 5 BHK lavish apartments. Gaur Platinum Towers are known to be a new concept in home making with high-end luxurious villas. Gaur Platinum Towers has certainly redefined the lifestyle that also gives an opulent lifestyle. Gaur Platinum towers are made by Gaursons India Ltd which are known to be in the form of commercial, retail and residential sector and helped people to reach to their needs in terms of homes and commercial units. Gaur Platinum Towers gives a magnificent and luxurious life that has some of the best specifications. Gaur city 1st avenue Noida / Gaur city 4th avenue Noida / Gaur city 12th avenue Noida

Gaur Platinum towers offers homes with 4 BHK and 5 BHK that has sizes of 6010 square feet and 4 BHK apartment with a size of 4720 square feet. Gaur Platinum Towers also raises the lifestyle and it could be seen with a towering twenty seven storey that makes it matching with the Noida’s skyline. Gaur Platinum towers is known to offer the homes with the premium living spaces and also gives breathtaking views from the topmost homes. Also, the greenery all around makes one feel near to mother nature. Gaur Platinum Towers has homes that is only for the 52 families and offer a low density project with more of space and calmness that prevails in the air.

Gaur Platinum towers offers exclusive private mod residences and it makes one feel a villa type lifestyle where an entire floor is dedicated to one family. Gaur Platinum towers offers homes which are eco-friendly along with best of the life in terms of grandeur. Gaur Platinum Towers offers homes within lush greenery and makes you feel a life that is beautiful and elegant. Gaur Platinum Towers offers homes with Italian marble flooring along with branded fittings and accessories. It is also luxurious and there is stylish entrance lobby which makes the home looks grand. Gaur Platinum Towers offers homes with opulent modular kitchen that also has branded accessories on offer.

Gaur Platinum Towers has VRV air conditioning system, glass and SS railing in balconies, 12 feet floor to floor ratio and also a false ceiling. It also gives a complete privacy as there are self controlled elevators that are known to be packed with exclusive features. The grand low density homes in terms of people living in per square feet area has also wide balconies that gives beautiful view along with fresh air and sunlight.Gaur Platinum Towers have amenities such as water body, landscape lawn, amphitheatre, theme garden, yoga court, sit out area, tennis court, temple area, wooden deck, pathway, jogging track, sitting pavilion, skating rink, basketball court, swimming pool and much more.

Gaur Platinum Towers has 4 bedrooms with living and dining, family lounge, kitchen, service area and much more. It has two basements with staircase that are well lit and with visitors parking. There is also a community center which has 28000 sq ft of well developed area. Also, there is a maintenance room that serves the various needs of the residence making them feel easy with any maintenance needs while the Gaur Platinum Towers is located at Sector 79, Noida which is a premium residential area.

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